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Coaches, Consultants and Service Business Owners... it's time to
Build Your High-Ticket Sales Funnel
Join the FREE 5-Part Interactive Masterclass with LIVE ON DEMAND feedback.
During this ACTION PACKED Masterclass I will be walking you through the EXACT $10,000 funnel that we build for clients of my agency.  
Here is what you get when you sign up:
  • 5 Part Video Training Series: Watch my powerful training videos detailing the exact formula for every step of this funnel.
  • LIVE ON DEMAND Feedback: Tackle the homework given after each training and receive valuable feedback from myself and my team to ensure your funnel is setup for success.
  • Step-By-Step Worksheet: Receive a powerful worksheet that will walk you through this entire process.
  • Templates:  Get templates for all of my landing pages, FB Ads & Emails.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group:  All of the feedback and interaction happens in my exclusive Facebook Group for coaches, consultants and service business owners.
It's time to finally create and execute your high-ticket sales funnel to instantly scale your coaching, consulting or service business to 6-figures a month in client revenue.
Here's what we're going to cover during this FREE 5-Part Interactive Masterclass:

Part 1 - The Power Funnel 

I will outline the exact high-ticket sales funnel that I use for my coaching, consulting and service clients to produce hundreds of leads for them each and every week.

Part 3 - Landing Pages

 I'll give you my landing page templates that get conversion rates far above industry averages.  

Part 2 - Irresistible Offer

Discover the powerful method that dictates the right lead magnet to offer to your perfect client.  

Part 4 - Email Automation

I'll give you my personal email templates that will talk to your leads with powerful email marketing.

Part 5 - Drive Traffic

After your powerful funnel is set up, I'll show you the exact FB and IG strategies I've used to bring my clients hundreds of leads in each and every week.  
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One-Click Lindsey

Owner of the digital marketing agency and host of The Traffic and Leads Podcast.
About Your Host: One-Click Lindsey
My name is Lindsey Anderson, known to my clients and those who follow me online as One-Click Lindsey.

If you’re a business person, entrepreneur, coach, author, expert, speaker or blogger who needs clarity with an online marketing technique that actually works... I can help.

During my 10+ years in online marketing as the CEO of, I have learned what it takes to make online marketing work. Throughout my years of experience, I have honed a proven system that my company executes on a daily basis for many clients.

My company receives anywhere from $3000 - $12,500 per month to execute some or all of the steps in this technique. Some of my clients like to execute some of the steps on their own while others have us execute this entire technique on their behalf.

 Now I’m pulling back the curtain and taking what I’ve taught my employees and giving you the ability to learn it... FOR FREE. 
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Get Signed Up For The Trainings, LIVE ON DEMAND Feedback, Worksheets & Templates
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